Wireless Interference and Stinky Laundry

Updated: Sep 25

I started to get used to the electronic energy beams that would send voices to me. Was that the walls, the ceiling, the floor or the other wall? My first thoughts were that it must be the sound of neighbors but a few strange and questioning looks from them meant, no, in fact they thought I was doing something peculiar. It was like a light turning on from a satellite, cone shaped but oblong. They made their presence common enough so that I no longer asked who they were.

I was just nearing the end of my years in college at this time. The more I looked at graduate schools the more I realized that I would hardly be able to afford the living costs not to mention the cost of tuition. I had friends who had received tuition waivers to study in Nordic countries who wanted to attract native English speakers. My dream was to enjoy a couple years in Sweden, study the culture, language and delay serious work. And where what American city would I move to after that? I also wanted to break free from my strong roots. How would I be able to this as an independent person for the first time? It all seemed impossible.

I called on anyone listening. I didn’t believe in god but I believed in an unseen force. I thought that achieving all of this would be doing the impossible. I thought that the only way to do exactly what I needed to do would require something so amazingly karmically good that the universe would react in my favor, making the impossible possible. I had seen enough before. I was shown stealth technology in the desert around the area where I interned with the Department of Energy at a National Laboratory. You could see the launching of a test object only above a several hundred-foot mirage then redisappear on its descent. I saw the lone watch post that had a false window of a guard waiting around that would blink out when a man dressed in a business suit would leave. Apparently, there was an elevator in there. There weren’t any offices for miles. You could just sense the depth of layers of life underground. Some kind of underground facility. So much secrecy AND rumors. I would feel anguished souls at my window at night.

Around the year 2012

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